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The outcome of Egypts turmoil?

Egypt. 1. February 2011. Mubarak made his speach about a hour ago.
Nothing has changed on the big stage. He is not willing to step down, and the Egyptian protestors seems not to give up. Of course he made a speach, on behalf which we have to give compliements to his consultants, but this content was foreseen. Actually all the talk about the reforms was in the ears of the people nonsense. Everybody until now knows what the Egyptians want, but it seams that Hosni is trying to grasp for some time, as it would make any difference by now. He will have to resign, the regim is going to fall down, but one question comes forward, why is he buying time? If it would be for the sake of the people like he is trying to present it, then it makes no sense, because the hole country is in a status quo and every day in turmoil harms not only the people and the country, but also the hole region and indirectly the world. My first brain storm guess why, pops up a 3-letter word answer. It starts with an U and ends with an A. I think the White House has seen that there is no turning back with Egypt, so they are preparing some strategies to ensure how to achieve further influence whatever the outcome will be. With this in mind, another question comes forward. Is the Egypts military going to play along? It depends who is really in charge and what benefits he can get.
The time is going to show the results. But not the time in days, more in years and decades.

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