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Transition equals uncertainty

It is not ower jet.
The situation in Egypt is not an enviable one. The Tahrir square, ironically also called the liberation square is turning into a war field, and that just a day after Mubaraks speach about peoples rights and the changes the country has, and is going to make.
The most delicate concern for politicians all ower the world at the time is, where the transition of power will take us. The question is not if it will be, it is just the matter of time when it is going to happen. And like i said before this buying of time by the regime is not a stubborn one, it has to be because of something what is happening at the backstage with all the big players involved.
For me the most silly and ironical stumbling block at this moment is the concern of some governments and policticans about the muslim brotherhood. I do not support or promote them because i think this movement which started in the streets of Cairo should be left the way it started, an open minded and free of every religious or policital ideas. But if Egypt wants democracy then every one should have the privilege to speak, therefore the muslim brotherhood and every other political, religiuos or ideological party or movement should have the same rights with no exceptions. Therefore it is hillarious of some political actors of the western world to expect that the muslim brotherhood should not enter the new government. It is as if one would be against the CDU german party just because they are a Christian Democratic Union in a mainly Christian country. People for God’s sake, it is an arab country, what do they expect? I think the Eqyptian People which is driven by the Youth and their open-mindnes will pull this through and focus its attention to those who will take them to a better future and repress every radical movements which would not benefit anyone and at least them.
But still, let us not forget, Egypt is a very important country from all the geopolitical aspects, so an involvement of some big player is not to overlook.

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