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No one is to be trusted in totally

25/03/2011 Leave a comment

This may look like a conspiracy theory or like I would be superstitious but I have to say that the current situation in Libya makes no sense.
But before all the so called pro-Libyan supporters rush at me with shouts that i do not know what i am talking about and that the Libyans have the right to live in a democracy without a tyrant i shout back YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I share your views. This man has to step down or he should be forced to do that if he is not willing to do it by him self. No one should have the permition to rule more than 10 years max even if he is the best ruler of all times, even less a man who lost his mind and whos deeds are flooded with crime and tyrany. Power is a addiction which hides evil right behind it and keeps growing with time.
So again, people of Libya have the God given right to be free and they should have the oportunity to live like they want and without anyone intimidating them. The only thing what i want to say to the Libyans is that they should be careful, not trust anyone in total and always have some part of scepticisms oriented against people no matter who they are, even their own co-citizen. Remember that one of your own betrayed you, so some others could do it even smoother.
Now let me get to my primary goal of this post, to my thoughts. Dust is rising in the Mediterranean and because of it, our view is getting blurred. At first i was euphoric when Libyans started to protest. I knew it wouldn’t be so easy like it was with the neighbours, but i thought i give them like two, three months to deal with the regime, but with normal protest and some, sadly to say, colateral losses. Unfortunately the situation got out of control, because this lunatic and his family turned against their own people, civilians, brothers and sisters using weapons, tanks, aircrafts, mercenaries. This had to be and still has to be stoped!!
At first Libyans started to fight back at their own. I remember the first few days a general who deserted and crossed ower to the People to fight with them said “We, the old ones, have to defend the revolution of the youth”. It was so inspiring to see theese young people fight for their freedom and the freedom of all Libyans. And even if their were some casulties i thought it was the best when they do it by them selfs, to fight back with their own hands so no one would have to interfere. But unfortunately it was not like so. They were not prepared for what was coming and day after day i knew someone had to stop this battle which was by now a war with no good prognoses for days to come.
Now the dust began to rise up and high. This is the part which holds me in my thoughts for long long time. There were or are two sides poping out to the public. One was a group of people, Libyans, the so-called new oposition of the country, whos members are people who were part of the regime but steped down. In just a few days they declared them self to the public to be the only one and right oposition against the regime. They declared already their strongholds and demanded the world to acknowledge and recognize them as the only true rulers of the country. Well actually this is a Great thing! There should be someone who pulls the strings and coordinates the people so they could be more organised and fight more effective. Also the world public should know that their is a posibility to give the governance to someone and not that if the regime breaks an anarchy pops up. But! Who are theese people? And why should Libyans and all others trust them? Some of them were part of the regime. Some of them are unknown. What if they just saw the oportunity and want to be the first to profit of it? May be i sinned my soul with theese thoughts. It could be that they are better then all of us. Well we do not know. This is the perfect situation explained with the words of Robert Pfaller “I know, but still“. The thing is, it is better to have them right now. But I say it again, they should not be totaly trusted.
Well the other side which comes forward in my mind is the help which comes to Libya, from the so called NFZ enforcing countries. Well if I would have the chance to vote in the security council of UN about the NFZ i would vote for it. Something had to be done to stop the killing of inocent civilians. The World could not and can not just sit and watch. The interesting thing is only that it all happend so fast. Do not understand me wrong, it is a good thing that it had happend, because it was necessary to prevent further killings of inocent, but how come? Sometimes it is almost imposible to find a common word in the UN and even more to get a fast reaction after a agreement althought this time it lasted just few hours to start the action. This is odd. A good thing, but an odd one. Then something happend which irritated me. In Bahrein where people were also protesting against the ruling family, inocent civilians, protestors, were killed. The response of the Western countries was lame.
Then the GCC countries sent their army to Bahrein to enforce the so-called peace on the streets, again the response was lame. Well is this not interresting. A foreign army with troops and tanks comes into a country to scare the people off and there are just some remarks heard in the world public, but nothing special.
Let us make a comparison. The GCC is a group of countries of the Arab peninsula, similar to the EU.
Now their is a member country called Bahrein in comparison to the EU it could be Austria. Austrian people start to protest against the Government. The Austrian Government won’t step down and use force against the protestors. Normally everybody condemns that. But then the situation goes out of control and Austrian Government can not handle their People even with force so they call the EU for help. The EU countries like Germany, France, Italy decide to help and send tanks and troops to Austria to help get peace to the streets. Well isn’t this nice of them. We should thank the GCC countries for their willingness to prevail peace in Bahrein and indirectly in the World.
I hope that now, you see where my thoughts are moving to. The enforcement of the NFZ over Libya is a good thing and it had to be started to prevent more civilians killed by the lunatic, but if the enforcement self kills more of them then there is something wrong. And it is important to think once a day while watching the news, that the Western countries are spending hundreds of milions every day to enforce the NFZ. May be at the end they will give the Libyans an inovice under the table. I just hope that this is never going to happen.
So the main reason of this post was to tell all the Libyans to think twice with every step they make and not to trust anyone in total. Freedom and justice will prevail and the end, but the end could be very far away.